Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zagreb Chamber of Economy, Magma, & Ambassadors

Ok, I'm a bit behind on our trip progress. Time constraints and lack of internet access are making routine blogging difficult. The other blog that I provided a link to in a previous post is very up to date, so checking that might be beneficial.

But to catch us up. . . .

Monday morning we started off our day with some decent breakfast (eggs, a lot of bread, Juicy, and warm milk??? yeah, the warm milk is quite odd and hard to become accustomed to). After breakfast we went to the Zagreb Chamber of Economy for a presentation and meeting with two upper level executives. They provided us with a great amount of information on Zagreb and Croatia's economy overall. This will be very helpful when writing our research papers upon returning to the states. After this meeting, we went downstairs into the lobby to find there was a company that awards other firms with the best packaging techniques was having an exhibition. Then we made our way to the headquarters of a retail giant in Europe, Magma. We toured their warehouse and design department. They gave us nice gifts consisting of a t-shirt, a wallet, a side bag/fanny pack/athlete purse (I don't know what to call it- haha) that the Croatian Olympic Team used in olympics. They also gave us a generous gift of a huge book with information on Croatian brands. This book is very nice, but is making many of us worry about the weight limit on our suitcases.

Later that evening, we attended an awesome dinner that consisted of us, IGBS (International Graduate Business School--a school that is partnered with Kelley in Zagreb), and American Ambassadors for Croatia.

I am currently trying to catch this blog up on our progress, and will add pictures later. I am going to begin a new post for the next couple days. Please check this post, and the next few entries in the future because I am going to update them with deeper content and supplemental pictures.

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