Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rock Candy.......and More Company Visits: Chromos Agro, Coca Cola, & Geofoto

The next day was by far the roughest. We had three company visits from 8am until 4pm. The visits to Chromos and Coca Cola reminded me of my dark days in a packaging factory. Chromos Agro specialize in pesticides for both large-scale and small-scale farmers. Coca Cola provided us with a tour of their bottling facility and a presentation on their sustainability, HR, and business plan. Free coke lanyards and bottle openers were provided. At Geofoto, we had the opportunity to meet the CEO that founded the business in 1993. They do aerial maps similar to Google Maps for large businesses. We had the chance to look through their 3D glasses that allow them to distinguish buildings and trees while outlining the landscape--that was pretty sweet.

The last event of our packed day consisted of a speech and discussion conducted by Kelley School of Business Professor, Larry Davidson. He spoke of his opinion on the current economic situation and provided answers and comments for questions from listening participants. The macroeconomic topics he mostly touched on were the idea of fiscal policy vs. monetary policy, the GM crisis, investment banking issues (transparency issue), and the world economic situation's impact on Croatia. This was an honor to be able to attend. Afterwards, we had mystery Croatian pizza and our favorite beverage, Juicy--an awesome Croatian brand of juice.

Later in the night we had the opportunity to talk with three Croatians that were fluent in English. This gave great insight into the similarities and differences that we share with them. They knew a lot more about American culture and music than I expected. This evening was quite productive in developing a deeper understanding of Croatian views on America.

The company visits were very interesting, but the most epic event of the night was when one of our student travelers proceeded to eat a rock that she thought was candy. [wow]

The following day we were to leave for Split early in the morning.

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  1. we believe that was out sweet daughter Rachel yes?????