Monday, March 16, 2009

Come Hither

It seems that time has flown by since we signed up for this course in September. I honestly can’t believe it’s already spring break and time to go to Croatia. I am Jimmy Kyle Jackson from Brookville, Indiana, and I will be blogging during our time overseas. I'm a current junior in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University majoring in finance and supply chain management. Although we are a bit behind, I plan to do my best to catch the blog up with the progress of our trip so far and to keep filling it with increasingly interesting content as we travel through the country! Enjoy!

Overall, our trip here was not that bad. In Indianapolis, Abbas had some transit visa issues for our planned stop in Germany. The airport eventually figured out their mistake and we were on our way. The layover in Washington D.C. was insignificant. The scrabble-like game known as “Bananagrams” kept many of us busy during the wait. Although it is a routine event for some foreign students, the international flight to Germany was a completely new experience for some travelers, including myself. The smoothness of the overseas flight was very nice compared to the gyration-filled travel we had in the smaller regional jets. The cramped leg room made is very difficult to sleep. However, Ringo has managed to defeat jet lag and poor sleeping conditions to rack up a ridiculous amount of sleep compared to the rest of us. Professor Sprinkle and I are hurting the most from the lack of sleep, but we will survive—we’re Kelleys.

I have now made a promise to myself that I will one day fly first class, so I too can have a lounging chair and foot rest on an 8 hour flight across the Atlantic Ocean rather than the tiny area we were granted. Seeing their amenities made us all bitter and jealous. Overall, the flight to Germany was decent. Flight attendants and restless elderly travelers returning from a cruise apparently became angry with our loudness. I personally feel that our loudness was acceptable considering there was a creepy European man standing up and dancing to the music in his headphones for a third of the trip. Once again at Frankfurt the airport lived up to the stereotype and created more boarding issues. A few of our students had a scare when they were given stand by tickets. They eventually did get tickets and we were on our way to Croatia (finally).

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