Monday, March 16, 2009

"Make Me a Sandwich"

Upon arriving to Croatia, we were transported from the plane to the airport by a shuttle bus. This was the same case while in Germany. Many of us found this quite odd compared to American airports that have boarding right out of the airport facility. The airport was also very small. Overall, it was a great relief to finally be in the country we've been hearing about for the past couple months.

My initial reaction to the country was a bit of shock mixed with intrigue. A combination of large war torn apartment buildings, small homes with tiny fields for growing produce, and hundreds of billboard advertisements encompassed our first sights of Zagreb.

This was very different from anything I've seen in America. However, some things apparently remain consistent as you travel to Europe. The first song we heard was by the popular American rock band, Nickelback. This was very disappointing for me because I personally can't stand them. :-/ Don't worry, my mood was quickly lightened by a large amusing advertisement for a concert that is coming to Zagreb. [Please see picture below]

Yes, it's Beyonce. Those who know me will find the humor/irony in this. :)

Ok, the first thing we wanted after getting our initial look at the country and settling into our hotel was food. We all ventured the streets and ended up at a place named "Purger." We failed to take into account that meals in Croatia are made for families and all ordered separately. Nonetheless, the portion sizes were very large. Nathan, just as he has during nearly every meal so far in Croatia, decided to be risky with his order. Sheep stomach was apparently pretty tasty. I'll take his word on it-haha. Next to him was another interesting dish ordered by Jason, squid. I chose to be much more conservative with my order of "Seasoned Hamburger Steak." I may have been better off with the squid. It was basically a greasy hamburger from the Wendy's in Bloomington with no bun or condiments, lol. Below is a picture of the restaurant and a picture of the sheep stomach (left) and squid(right).

After eating, we ventured back to the hotel. I will save the rest of the evening for the next entry.

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